The New iPassion App Helps Couples Know Each Other Superior – With A Game!

Whether you’re in a longer term relationship or married, communication is this all-important cornerstone that keeps things steady in a relationship. Talking and communicating can be how couples get to be able to know each other far better and nurture a loving, healthful, and stable relationship. Because this kind of endeavor might seem a little bit intimidating or even boring, some sort of new app called iPassion, has been launched.

Wait, prior to you dub this app because any other app that ‘claims’ so that you can bring a couple closer, iPassion wants to make the process fun. The best way, you ask? By getting the couple play a new game!

iPassion app page showing a question and attainable answers

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Here’s how iPassion works.

A user signs up utilizing their Facebook account, pursuing which they can pick their partner from their own friends list. The app guarantees that that it will likely not ever post anything in your Facebook wall. Once this is done, the actual user answers questions related to their own preferences, fantasies, likes, dislikes for example. Then, the user’s partner is required to guess the answers and see if perhaps they get the item right, and vice versa.

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Every suitable answer gets the user 10 things. The first from the couple to reach 100 points is definitely declared the winner, who get for you to select an awesome prize in the end.

iPassion app page showing some sort of correct answer from both partners

Image source: iPassionapp

Psst! The grand prize at the end on the exercise is something any losing partner has to perform with the winner. For example, an oil massage, your back rub, a night’s stay with a hotel, and other such intimate ‘prizes.’ If the couple doesn’t prefer to go with the prizes suggested by the actual app, they can create their very own personalized prizes.

Seems interesting, eh? Instead of lounging around the house thinking the way in which to broach the awkward subject of sexual fantasies or some like intimate topic, iPassion helps the couple discover new details about each other inside a fun manner.

iPassion app page showing the ‘prizes’ at the end on the game

Image source: iPassionapp

The app is free to download with the Play Store along with the App Store.

If a person think you know your partner pretty properly, this app is one of the finest ways to know to get sure. Even if you happen to be too embarrassed to answer many of the questions, it’s just any two of people, you know. And being behind your smartphone makes it in which much more easier.

Would anyone try the new iPassion app using your partner? Do you believe that it really brings you closer as a couple? Sound off within the comments below!

Featured image source: iPassionapp

SummaryArticle NameThe New iPassion App Allows Couples Know Each Other Far better – With A Game!AuthorChaitra RamalingegowdaDescriptionThe new iPassion app is dependant on helping couples get to realize each other better, nevertheless in a fun and casual method. Check it out!

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