My Last Minute Condom Crisis Nearly Got Everyone Arrested!

Ever since the sex education classes in class 6, we own been told that condoms are integral that will having safe sex. Now, I like my sex dirty while any other man would do C yet when the lady demands one, anyone have got to get one particular. This one specific time, this girl I personally met at a nightclub demanded that we generate the most of the night in addition to called me rear to her place. Following some quick generating out in the cab, we headed up that will her flat. At that place we were so drunk that we couldn’t even wait so that you can take our clothes off of. As we are building upward to it she suddenly whispers the actual dreaded 7 words that no guy in my posture would want to hear. “Do everyone have a condom on you?”

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Now, flashback to the first period I ever saw a condom C We thought, “What a nice balloon! I will certainly always keep one on me C simply just in case I receive lucky.” But subsequently I never did, together with looking at that miserable old condom within my wallet meant even more disappointment. Now when the moment arises, you won’t have one. Everyone curse yourself as a person’s brain races through all the potential places you might locate a condom at One particular:00 at night. The girl tells me personally that there is any convenience store about half a kilometer away, and you could take her scooter to the area.

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I didn’t have a license in me at the occasion but I didn’t think it can be much of problem with 1:00 AM. The 1st hitch was when I took out the scooter out in the apartment building. After arguing with the security guard along with convincing him that I was any guest and I had in order to go out for an emergency (thank God he didn’t ask me what emergency), I have been finally on my manner. I reached the 24-hour medicine go shopping at 1:30. The sleepy woman at the counter must have got thought I had a actual medical emergency as I burst through the door and hurried over towards the counter. When I asked her for condoms, she looked at me with a stare of utter disdain. It was as if perhaps I was offending her by asking for condoms!

I could mentally imagine her judging me to get having sex. That is any thing in India, we will be a land of hypocrites. We wrote a greatest manual for sexual intercourse (The Kama Sutra C duh!) as well as we consider sex to be some sort of taboo! As she took an hour to pack the condoms, all the although throwing me looks which proclaimed, “You men are the reason why your current generation has gone to the dogs,” I kept thinking about the girl returning at home, who was patiently waiting for my family to return. The thought of her motivated me to avoid any judgment.

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As I rushed out of the pharmacy which has a pack of condoms, I decided that I would likely have to rush on the strategy. It was almost 3:00 AM and getting back into the complex would be difficult. My glory run was quickly cut limited by beeping police lights and any sergeant who stopped me on the road as well as asked me what my business was riding a scooter with 50 Km/hour on an empty street. Whenever i failed to produce just about any paperwork, they wanted for you to take me into the police station. I had to tell these that I had come out inside a hurry because of a medicinal emergency. While they asked me precisely what emergency, I decided to help show the brown paper bag. They let me go, nonetheless I could hear these laughing about it behind this back. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, while I had to get over the scooter and ride back C when the fat policemen behind me judged me personally for having a good active sex life.

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And so my personal last minute condom crisis involved arguing using security guards and the policeman, enduring the excruciating opinion of a medicine clerk and riding some sort of scooter at an unbelievable tempo without a license. The sex wasn’t even that good.

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SummaryArticle NameMy Last Minute Condom Crisis Nearly Got Me Arrested!AuthorAnonymousDescriptionThis is actually my condom crisis story- yep, yep, last minute!

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