14 Compelling Reasons Why Casual Dating Is The Best Ever!

My friend and I were out at dinner last week. When I asked her if she was dating someone, she proclaimed, in an offhand manner, “Yeah, I am seeing someone, but it’s only casually.”

Scrunching upwards my forehead, I asked her, “Why not seriously? Is right now there something wrong with him?”

To which, she replied with a tinkling laugh, “Oh honey! I really don’t want to be shackled in order to one person perfect now. I like in order to keep my choices open.”

“So you’re seeing multiple people as well?” I asked by using a bit of skepticism.

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Shaking her head, she enlightened me, “No, silly. A lot of people do that, but that’s not really me. I need the fun part where we’re together, have loads of sex, nevertheless lead our separate lives. Oh, and – a small amount of exclusivity thrown in. Nothing serious though.”

In essence, no real conversations, no being there for oneself, no real commitment.

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Yes, and the following casual dating approach appeals to a great deal of people, I learnt despite the fact that researching for this piece. If you are dating someone casually, that means you are ‘having fun’ with them, even though not promising anything concrete similar to commitment, attention, presence or any like to one. This way, you avoid all the not-so-glamorous and the not-so-fun parts of an adult, serious, committed relationship.

This type of a quasi-relationship where by you don’t commit to anything at all concrete, appeals to a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. Let’s consider some of those causes:

1. More freedom

This is one of the best perks of casual dating, as much as I might figure. Dating someone casually gives you any opportunity to enjoy your freedom uninhibitedly, although also having someone for you to hold you and please you when you want. It is really pretty much like living life for a single person

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